Life is a gift

It starts at the root. And that's what I'd like to tell you about first. I was brought up in Celina, Texas (home of the Bobcats) by the best parents in the world. They're the kind that teach you to think, and to play, and to work for what you want. The kind that love you enough to discipline you and to hug you, in whatever order you need it. They've given me unconditional love, strength and support. My mom and dad are my heros, and I owe every accomplishment and victory in my life to them.

I attended FBC Celina through my college years. I lived at home while attending the University of North Texas School of Visual Arts. Shortly after gradutation, I moved to Dallas and got my first full time job as a designer. I now go to Prestonwood Baptist Church (AKA, the Baptidome). It has been a strong influence in my life the past few years, giving me a place to grow and serve, and a healthy social life. My PBC friends are salt and light in my life.

In fact, I met the love of my life at a singles retreat. Raymond Overstreet and I were good friends for about 8 years. And then something new blossomed between us. A motorcycle ride on Oct. 6, 2007 led to a sweet courtship. It was a wonderful experience! We were engaged on June 13, 2008, and married on Nov 1 of the same year. So, I became Gina Overstreet. It has been a vibrant new stage in life for us, and I am thankful for the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with such a loving, supportive friend and husband.

It seems I have too many hobbies, so they surface in spurts. I've had all kinds of creative endeavors. In 3rd grade, I took up calligraphy. In Jr. High I took a china painting class, and in High School, most of my creative outlets were directed at huge cheerleading signs that the Bobcats shredded every Friday night. In college I was focused on my art degree. When I decided I needed to build a fountain for my apartment, my family graciously jumped on board to help me. In the last few years I've enjoyed sewing and oil painting. Dad mentioned that I'm a lot like my mom. I'd like to learn how to weld for metal sculptures, or airbrush motorcycle graphics. And since Raymond is interested in motorcycles too, it's a never ending cycle, no pun intended.

I've always enjoyed sports and physical activities. I play softball in our church league and I love all kinds of dancing. Early in life I developed an affection for anything I could use to propel my body with more force than is humanly possible. It often involves skates, skis, bikes and more. Its my parents fault for getting me a Honda QA 50 when I was five. There really was no turning back after that.

I'm a firm believer in vacation. It keeps life from getting stale and gives me a chance to "reboot" and gain perspective. The water and the mountains have always been favorite travel destinations, and road trips are a Hamm family tradition, the main challenge is taking all our toys on vacation with us. Raymond and I enjoyed a great caribbean cruise for our honeymoon, and we expect to spend as much time as possible on our adventures!

In 2011, we became parents to the brightest little boy. And oh how life has changed. We are transformed and love that little guy with everything we have.